DC resident, master gardener and citizen forester. Stealth weeder of invasives during the over 13,500 walks taken with Maggie, Micky and now Mazie through our historic Mt Pleasant neighborhood.

Writing about things I like including urban gardening, solar energy, free/re cycling and other sustainable, green, eco friendly and carbon neutral practices in DC and beyond.

Still trying to find the answers to life’s persistent questions.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Seth Says:


    Not sure if you’ve seen our site, CityRenewed.com

    We would love to get added to your blogroll. We added your site under our community section.



  2. Hi,

    I wondered if you would be interested in exchanging links with The Green Providers Directory

    We are a not-for-profit, green directory founded on ethical principles, providing links to renewable energy suppliers, organic health and beauty products, fair trade clothing, gifts and household goods and services. We also provide news and updates on the environment, recycling, energy efficiency and related topics.

    We are listed in The Guardian and Channel 4’s environmental sections and on green.tv, a United Nations Environmental Programme, and we are members of Ethical Junction.

    Please let me know if this would be of interest.

    Kind regards,

    Dr Gary Robertshaw
    The Green Providers Directory

    Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/greenproviders
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Green-Providers-Directory/140642334915

  3. Mark Golding Says:

    hi there!

    Good to meet you…

    If you feel it is appropriate and suitable I’d like to include you in our ‘Organic, Eco and Green Directory’ here at The Organic Home http://www.theorganichome.co.uk

    Which category would be best for you?

    Warm Regards – Mark Golding

    1. sharonwdc Says:

      Thanks for including Helios Monroe in your directory – we’d best fit under blogs, green.

  4. Erin Says:


    I’m the Community Manager for Ruba (www.ruba.com), a relatively new travel guides and tour reviews site that launched in 2009. While our main focus is on travel, all of us at Ruba are big environmentalists and like to encourage others to be conscientious in their travels – which brings us to why I am reaching out to you.

    I’d like to ask you for your thoughts on a blogger challenge we’ve recently launched to help offset the negative environmental impacts of travel by planting trees for badges placed on blogs. We’re calling it the “Ponzi Tree Scheme” because we actually plant a tree not only for each badge placed on a bloggers’ blog, but ALSO for each reader who sees that badge, clicks on it, and installs one on their own blog or site! Bloggers can watch their “returns” grow right there on their badge – it automatically updates based on the number of other bloggers who have come along after and planted their own trees. We’d love for you to check it out at: http://www.ruba.com/contest/ponzi and let us know what you think! If there’s any way that you could put a badge up on your blog or in a blog post, we would of course be incredibly thankful.

    If you have any questions about Ruba, the Ponzi Tree Scheme, or any other ways we could potentially work together, I would love to connect with you on it! Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Erin Kiskis
    Community Manager, Ruba

  5. RE: Gardening Resource Link featuring the Tippolly “Personalized” Veggie Garden Management Tool

    Tippolly Farm is pleased to announce that the Tippolly Vegetable Planting / Sizing and Buying Guides were tested in 2009 by over 2,000 members of the National Home Garden Club. The results were a 91% approval rating for all gardeners and an 80% approval rating for gardening experts. The feedback was extremely positive with a savings in purchasing the correct amount of seeds/plants, and increased production by following the planting dates customized to the last average spring frost date for the garden in question.

    Evaluation write-up from one of the Garden Club Testers: “I am a Master Gardener for 11 years and I wholly recommend this Tippolly Garden Planting Guide to everyone interested in gardening. It is easy for a novice to follow and I wish they had this Guide many years ago. There is so much information on the two sheets to make vegetable gardening really easy. A guide I would not be without.”

    Sample Local Newspaper Blog evaluation: http://muskogeephoenixonline.com/blogs/MollyDay/

    Tippolly Farm

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