There’s no need to empty a rain gauge or wonder if it’s too windy for spraying.  A new weather station was installed on December 25th at the farm and it has this information, and lots more. Outside of the typical temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and barometric pressure, etc there are a number of other useful measures including:

  • Phase of the moon– important to know whether the moon is waxing (time to plant above ground crops) or waning (plant root crops)
  • UV index – check before heading out to the garden for the right level of sunscreen
  • Solar radiation– useful to track when we go solar
  • Length of days – tomorrow will be 1 min 37 seconds longer than today, a hopeful spring-is-(almost)-around-the corner kind of sign

Great to know what’s happening at the farm however it doesn’t much help here at HeliosMonroe.   There is an Weather Underground station in nearby Columbia Heights, but it  might be a very different micro-climate.  There’s really only one thing to do — buy my own station.