We flirted with fermentation a few years back with less than stellar results – the fermented green beans were good-but-not-great. Fast forward four years and it’s time for another try.

The route to this reawakened interest was roundabout, as is often the case.
*  A PoPvillager posted about her fermented garlic and how it cures all ills including, I believe, the common cold.
*  I bought some kimchi from a vendor at the Mt Pleasant Farmer’s Market – not knowing what I would use it for but it’s always good to have a container of kimchi on hand, right?
*  Then the NY Times food section had an article on grain bowls including a recipe for kale, quinoa and kimchi (which is why it is good to have a container of kimchi on hand).  I made this recipe on a recent visit to the farm and it was rated “3 excellents.” It also reminded my father of the sauerkraut his mother made when he was growing up – she always had a crock of freshly fermented sauerkraut at the ready.

I had already looked up “how to make kimchi” (here’s how) when I realized sauerkraut would be a a logical first step back into lacto-fermentation. Especially since it requires only two ingredients – cabbage and salt (the 3rd ingredient, caraway seeds, is optional).

Easy sauerkraut recipe here –and check back in a few weeks to see if this experimentation will be rated “3 excellents.”