It was a great night to be out on a pontoon boat on the river with the Anacostia Watershed Society – the sun was going down, light breeze, cool temps, good river guide and lots of BIRDS.

We launched at Bladensburg Waterfront Park and then floated down the river for about five miles, past Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, past the Arboretum (there where is a back entrance if you come by boat), past the PEPCO power plant that will be imploded later this year, past RFK stadium.  And when we couldn’t go any further (railroad bridge that could only be passed during low tide) we turned around and went back.

Saw osprey heading home with their supper, lots of blue herons (some gulping their supper), snowy egrets nesting in trees, a kingfisher, cormorants, ducks, geese,  starlings, barn swallows (nesting under one of the bridges) two deer and….drum roll….a BALD EAGLE.

A good overview of the watershed which includes historic and recreational sites along the Anacostia River can be found right here.

And a view of the Anacostia can be seen right here⇒