Delightful overabundance, that’s the term I was looking for to describe when my garden begins to produce just a few too many cucumbers and tomatoes.  I mean, I like cucumbers but think my RDA is two per day and I’m picking four/day.

After giving away what I can to neighbors, etc I still have plenty of produce.  Because the next day there are four more cucumbers and five more tomatoes,

There are plenty of things to do with excess  – I mean a delightful overabundance – of  vegetables. First up, pickles! I was looking for an easy refrigerator kind of pickle and found this SmittenKitchen recipe which served as the foundation. I added other spices – pickling spice from the last time I made pickles, dill weed and seed, hot pepper flakes. A little sugar, some garlic. Now comes the hard part – waiting until they are ready.

Raw pickles

Pickles and cukes








Note:  As you can see, the number of cucumbers has not decreased substantially. While I wasn’t looking, they made more.