Who would’a thought baked kale would be so delicious? With just a bit of olive oil and salt, the leaves turn into mellow crisp goodness. Kale is highly nutritious and this is a great way to get your greens.

Making kale chips is simple as can be. From a bunch of kale, cut out the tough stem and middle rib, tear into a few pieces then wash the kale and spin as dry as possible. Add just a bit of olive oil and a grind of salt (other spices optional – try toasted cumin,  chili powder or Old Bay). Use your hands to massage the oil into the leaves and arrange in single layer on a cookie sheet

Bake for about 20 mins at 300 – they should be crisp but not browned.

For a nutritional boost, you can also crumble them into flakes to sprinkle on food  such as a salad, popcorn, scrambled eggs.