It’s not over yet. Yes, it’s time to bring houseplants indoors, plant pansies and violas and dig up tender bulbs. And, it’s still harvest time.

While I was tempted to rip out my tomato plants when they seemed to be decimated by wilt/blight/stink bugs/etc a few weeks back, I’m glad I waited. Because most of the plants have revived and are still producing. And  although the brix scale is lower than those picked in the heat of the summer (meaning the tomatoes aren’t as sweet), they are still head and shoulders above the grocery store variety.

I’m picking red tomatoes, green tomatoes and tomatoes that are green with a hint of pink. Tomatoes with a hint of pink will turn red on the windowsill (or in a bowl, on the table – any place but a refrigerator). The green tomatoes are great for salads, salsa, chutney, curry and, of course, fried up just like at the Whistle Stop Cafe. For some great green tomato recipes, look here.

There will come a point when I’ll have to call it quits for this gardening year. But that time may not come for several weeks – one year I harvested a Juliet tomato in December!