The tomato kimchi-chi I made this week was a great success and worthy of an encore.

My version includes one cup each chopped green and red tomatoes, daikon and red radishes, jicama, cucumber, red and banana peppers, red or sweet onion, 4 serrano and/or jalapeno peppers, bunch of scallions and some basil and cilantro. Add more or less of ingredients according to your preference.

Put into gallon ziplock bag and add 1 c seasoned rice vinegar, 3-4 T fish sauce and 3-4 T chipotle hot sauce. Massage to mix ingredients, marinate in refrigerator for at least an hour (overnight is better). Good as a side dish or as a refreshing snack.

Outside of fresh garden vegetables, the combination of seasoned rice vinegar, fish sauce and chipotle hot sauce is amazing, and addictive.