Although I had high hopes for the Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy’ planted in my back yard, an unfortunate encounter with a service truck’s rooftop ladder took down a good chunk of the tree. The tree would likely survive but it was weakened and wouldn’t be a strong tree. So I reluctantly had the tree taken down.

Although a dogwood was initially destined for the space, a conversation with the master gardener at Cylburn Arboretum helped choose a better tree for the spot.

I wanted a blueberry tree and that’s what I got – a Nyssa Sylvatica (tupelo, or blackgum tree)  that has blue berries. The Nyssa is a member of the Cornaceae (dogwood) family. So I can have my dogwood and blue berries too – my tree called tupelo.

A trip to Sun Nursery on a hot Thursday afternoon and just like that, now there is a 6′ tupelo planted in the back yard.