Seeds started indoors may need to be transplanted into larger container prior to being hardened off and planted out.

A strong seedling needs a healthy root system and a healthy root system needs room to grow. If your seedlings have outgrown their containers, you’ll want to move them to a bigger pot prior to planting out in the garden.

Start with clean (wash with a mild bleach solution) containers and good quality potting soil such as Premier Pro-Mix.  For plants with a single stem (such as tomatoes), pinch off the bottom set of leaves and plant deep – roots will form where the leaves used to be. Watering with a dilute fertilizer will help the plant recover from transplant shock.

Cool season vegetables can be planted outdoors before the last frost date but most plants need warm soil in order to grow. Once the ground has warmed and the danger is frost is over, you can prepare your seedlings for transplanting.

Start by putting them outdoors in a shaded spot when the days are warm. Bring them inside at night or cover with reemay. Gradually increase their outdoor time until they are ready to be planted.

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