What we wish other gardeners would/would not do:

  • No mulch volcanos around newly planted trees. The mulch piled high against the tree trunk is an invitation for disease and affects good root growth.
  • Don’t braid daffodil leaves or tie into little bundles – leave the leaves alone until they turn brown and wither. The leaves are helping feed the bulbs for next years flowers and tying the leaves off will affect future flowering.
  • But do deadhead the spent flowers from your bulbs. Plant energy should be put into growing the bulb, not producing seeds.
  • Weed any  invasives growing in your yard (and in your neighbors yard). Enough said.
  • Grow more natives – the plants that thrive in your climate are the right ones to plant – and less lawn.
  • Plant more trees.

So what are your resolutions for other gardeners?