It’s not too late to preserve some of your favorite herbs and other aromatics.

We talked about making basil vinegars here. Outside of drying herbs, here are a few options for preservation:

Make an infused oil by chopping/bruising 1/2 cup fresh herb per cup of good quality oil such as olive, sunflower or peanut. Heat gently in non-reactive saucepan (being careful not to let it  boil). Cool, strain and place in sterile container and store in the refrigerator for a maximum of three weeks.

Make a simple syrup and add bruised leaves and stems of  herb – mint, lemon verbena and rosemary are good choices. Simmer over a low heat to reduce the syrup and infuse the flavor of the herb. Cool, strain, freeze in ice cube tray then transfer to freezer bag. These are great as a dessert sauce or added to a beverage of your choice.

Flavored sugar is nice in tea and can be incorporated into many recipes. In an air tight container, layer sugar with bruised leaves of an herb such as scented geranium, lemon verbena, mint.

You can also try growing herbs indoors either in a sunny window or under grow lights.  And start thinking about the herbs you’ll be growing next year.