“We’re live people and not meant to eat dead food” says Monica Corrado in this recent WPost article on lacto-fermentation.

The art of lacto-fermentation is a traditional way to preserve food – think sauerkraut, kimchi – by using live bacteria.

All you need are fresh vegetables plus water, salt and spices (although whey is sometimes used as a booster). The fermentation process converts sugar and starches to produce a lactic acid which acts as a natural preservative.  Lactic-acid producing bacteria are present on all living things, especially roots and leaves of things growing close to the ground.

Fruits and vegetables preserved through fermentation are more digestible and retain a high level of vitamins plus numerous other health benefits. Want to give it a try? Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation are two great resources.

Here we’re trying fermented beans using two different recipes….stay tuned for the results!