Not only did they damage our vegetable crops, now the stink bugs want to settle in for the winter.Yes, it’s the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), a relatively new pest in this part of the world.

With the change in temperature, the bugs are leaving the gardens and looking for a place to overwinter. You may have seen them crawling on your screens, slipping in through the cracks, creeping in when you open your door. First there you see one, then another, then they seem to be everywhere. And true to their name, stink bugs stink if you crush them.

What to do?

  • Keep them out – seal any cracks, especially around windows, baseboards and doors. This will also help with energy efficiency this winter.
  • Get them out – use a vacuum or shop vac when you spot them in your house. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag regularly. If you have chickens, the bugs make a tasty treat! Tapping them into a jar of soapy water or water + vinegar also works.
  • Turn the tables – for the culinary adventurous, do as the Laotians and use them to make cheo, a mix of stink bug and spices and herbs. You can also eat them dried or fried, or try a stink bug pate.

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