Our urban forest was decimated in recent weeks.

Not only did we lose a significant part of our redbud to a service truck, our neighbor had to cut down their tree after a large branch fell revealing further weakness in the structure. Our back yard went from a well shaded bed to full sun, much to the shock of our shade loving plants.

We hope our redbud will recover and our neighbors will replant. There are many excellent reasons to plant trees including healthier air, reduced energy costs, cooling shade, reduced stress and increased property values

Although August is not typically a good tree planting month, you can plan ahead and and choose your native tree for fall planting. Here’s a good list of trees that do well in DC and recommended list for Maryland tree planters.

If you live in DC, Casey Trees offers a $50 coupon and if you are a MD resident, a $25 coupon is found here. And

“If you have planted a tree you must water it too” —
Tamil proverb