An alley neighbor and fellow gardener moved earlier this year leaving their nice south facing garden plot unplanted. Nature abhors a vacuum and promptly filled the garden with weeds.

Pulling the weeds up (there was a self interest since the weed seeds would find their way to our little plot of land) left some prime gardening space ungardened.

So we planted a few greens, thinking they’d be finished by the time the house sold. The house didn’t go on the market right away so we planted a few more greens and some peas. The house was still not on the market and  it was time to get serious about taking over.

With an okay from the present owners, we planted tomatos, beans, eggplant and peppers. And more greens.  Our garden is green and growing.

We wonder if the new owners will accept our claim that what seems to be their garden is in fact attached to our property which is across the alley and two houses down.  Plausible, right?