Want to grow a greener thumb? Get your gardening gloves and get growing with these free gardening workshops in the DC area:

DC Urban Gardeners, Washington Gardener Magazine, & the Historical Society of Washington are hosting a monthly workshop, listing and location details here. Upcoming workshops include:
*  March 28th: Urban Tree Care (Jim Woodworth, Casey Trees)
*  April 18th: The Best Vegetables to Grow in DC (Cindy Brown, Green Spring Gardens)

Common Good City Farm (formerly 7th St Community Garden) is starting a monthly workshop series in April, more info here. Upcoming workshops include:
*  April 18th: Container Gardening
*  May 9th: Seasonal planting: What to plant and when (and where)

District Dept of the Environment and the DC Dept of Parks and Recreation are also partnering with local non-profits to host monthly gardening workshops at various DPR sites, contact kelly.melsted@dc.gov for more details.