Green is good but what we really want are gardens that are sustainably green.

Unsustainable practices include extensive use of non-native plants, plants that are chemically dependent because of poor soil and/or plants that are water intensive.

You can make your green more green when you:
*  Grow native plants
*  Use a rain barrel to prevent storm runoff
*  Choose the right plant for the right place
Plant a tree
*  Kick the habit and wean your plants from any chemical dependency. If you need to rely too heavily on fertilizers then consider that you may have the wrong plant in the wrong place.

What difference does this make? In one example, a landscape designer installed a typical/traditional garden and a native garden in front of two different houses on the same street.

The result?  Within a year, the native garden used 216,000 fewer gallons of water, produced 428 fewer pounds of yard waste, and costs four times less to maintain.

So you’ll save green ($) and do right by the environment by going for the sustainable shade of green~