Our friends at the DDOE are offering free energy audits to single-family homeowners in DC through the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) program.

You’ll find out about your home’s energy deficiencies and get a detailed report with cost-effective, energy improvement recommendations. Did I mention this is free?

We had this audit a few days ago and just got the results. Overall the house on Monroe St has a solid B-/C+. We had an A for air exchange, B- for fenestration (what a great word – I have to use it in a sentence soon), and a gentleperson’s C for other systems & insulation.

Interesting (at least to me) is that our 60 year old boiler got the same score as our three year old hot water heater.

The detailed report  has solid recommendations for low cost savings measures as well as estimated yearly savings and payback years for different improvements.