Easier than Freecycle or Craigslist is to simply put things outside on your front steps or sidewalk.  Put them out, turn around and usually they’re gone.

An office chair, tortilla press, kitchen items, exercise mat, baskets and whatnots have all gone away shortly after being placed on our front sidewalk.

Taking up some of the space made by deleting the above items from our home inventory have been books, games and various other items we’ve absorbed from the steps and sidewalks of our neighbors.

Free-re-cycling helpful hints:

  • Don’t put things out when rain is in the forecast (obvious, but…)
  • Stick a “Free” sign on everything
  • Make transportation easy – tie things in bundle, leave a few bags, etc
  • Put things out when you expect there will be more foot traffic – whether that is the weekends, when school is in session, when the clinic across the street is open…
  • And if they’re still there after 24  hours [ok, 36 hrs max], bring them back inside lest they become street flotsam and jetsam.

We call this having things wash out with the tide, but would like to come up with a better phraseology. Suggestions?