Those of you who are up late and have your radio tuned to WAMU may be familiar with American Public Media’s “The Story.”

Earlier this month there was a story about a woman who furnished her entire home from secondhand stores.  Our guess is that there are plenty of others nowdays who could make the same claim to fame.

With continued concern about the state of the economy, thrift stores are becoming more popular.  Not only is it thrifty (!) but helps give gently used items a second life and keeps them out of the landfill.

Lots of options here in the DC area.  Ruff and Ready Furnishings is an adventure – wear your safari hat and don’t fear the basement. More upscale used whatnots can be found at Miss Pixies Furnishings and Whatnot, also on 14th St. And many others.  [We still miss Edward & Edward in Frederick!]

We’ve recently discovered Martha’s Table Outfitters and have added it to our list of favorites (along with the Op Shop and Value Village.)

What’s your favorite place of thrift?