Although you may not be thinking of starting your garden in January, now is the time to order seeds and start cool season perennials.  When the weather is cold and snow is predicted, open your catalog (or web browser), dream of warmer times and start making lists!

We always start with Pinetree Garden Seeds ( which has a huge variety of interesting seeds (as well as the “basic” seeds) and good deals on gardening books. But be careful because even inexpensive seeds can add up  – someone we know managed to spend over $200 $225 at Pinetree. That was a lot of seeds!

Park Seed, Thomas and Morgan, Seed Savers Exchange, Territorial Seeds, Gurney and Johnnys and Meyer Seeds and Burpee and hundreds more catalogs may tempt you to consider turning your lawn into a edible landscape.

A warm vision for these cold and dark January days~




* but wait till March/April to start many of the seeds**

**unless you have a greenhouse***

***in which case we’re very jealous