The Obamas are moving to DC and into the neighborhood and we’re hoping that planting an organic Victory Garden on the White House grounds is on their agenda for the first 100 days.

Edible landscaping at the White House isn’t a new concept, in fact John Adams started a garden in 1800 so his family could enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables and homemade beer.

Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson all contributed to the garden and the grounds. Back in the day, presidents had to fund their own household so growing their food made sense (and cents).

To cut down the cost of landscaping (with a supply of wool and mutton included) during WWI,  Woodrow Wilson had sheep grazing on the white house lawn. And during WWII, Eleanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden to help set an example for the nation.

How ’bout it, Mr Soon to be President? Vote V for Victory Garden!