Just in time for Thanksgiving,  here’s a few ways we can make it green. From today’s WPost food section, we learned:

–  Turkey (and other poultry) generates 1/4 the amount of greenhouse gases than ruminents (beef, pork). [Even better if you buy local – we recommend Hillside Turkey Farms in Thurmont.] 
–  Going for the sausage stuffing will result in 4 times the “carbon points**” than the vegetarian option.
–  Vegetables – choosing the short food route is the smart and carbon friendly way to go. 
–  DC is east of the “wine line” which mean we should look to Europe for our wines
–  Dairy is second to red meat in the amount of greenhouse gases produced per ounce so if you have ice cream or whipped cream on your pumpkin pie you’ll want to go plant some trees to compensate.
** The Bon Appetit Company Management Foundation, a nonprofit organization that educates consumers about the impact of food choices, assigns carbon points to a variety of ingredients.