The DC DDOE REDP grant awards were announced today. There were 38 applicants requesting $333,000 in funding for photovoltaic projects under the DC Department of Energy Renewable Energy Demonstration Project. With only $150,000 available, not all projects were funded.

The good news is that nineteen residential solar photovoltaic projects were funded – most of the awards were between $8,000 – $9,000. The not so good news is that we were not one of them.

But Helios Monroe will be standing in line for the next round of grants – the REDP will be replaced after October 1, 2008 with the REIP (Renewable Energy Incentive Program). The REIP will have $2 million available each year, is funded until 2012, and will include not only photovoltaic but other forms of renewable energy.

Perhaps the new Helios Monroe grant proposal will include not only solar panels but rooftop microturbines for generating wind energy~