Can you believe it? Solar panels are being stolen right off people’s roofs! Least you start thinking that these solar thieves want clean, renewable energy just like the rest of us, you should know the solar panels are being sold on line and on the side of the road. Even the president of a solar installation company near San Jose had solar panels stolen from his headquarters office! Read the New York Times article here~

How to protect your solar panels:

  • Use video cameras and alarms
  • Engrave your driver’s license number or other identifying information on the panels (making them easier to identify if they are recovered)
  • My favorite suggestion – paint some pink (or other bright) color on the panels [where they don’t interfere with functioning]

And it’s not just an issue in the US. According to the Daily Nation, two weeks ago Sarah Obama, the  Kenyan step-grandmother of Senator Barack Obama woke up and realized someone broke her kitchen door and tried to steal her solar panel. Nyang’oma Kogelo, her village in rural western Kenya, does not have electricity.

Karibu tena (come visit again)