I thought I would have a green roof, the kind with succulents and other hardy plants that would help reduce my energy consumption, decrease the ambient air temperature, absorb pollutants and reduce storm water runoff.

But another kind of green roof may be in store for the House on Monroe St.

On a recent Friday I was driving up to the farm and listening to Talk of the Nation Science Friday and one of the segments was on solar energy. Well, I have a flat roof and we have plenty of sun here in NW DC — maybe my roof will be a different kind of green.

Researching solar energy pros and cons, contemplating costs vs. benefits and return on investment were useful but in the end it just seemed like the right thing for me to do.

Now I’m waiting to hear if I’ll receive a grant from the District Department of the Environment Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (that would be the DDOE REDP). Stay tuned!